Additional Dating Tips For Man


Man is a social animal and since dating is an important courting or wooing ritual, there has to be a list of dating tips for man to follow. He can choose to pretend that he doesn’t need dating tips, but the truth is, even a little advice in daunting world of dating is much needed help. These dating tips for man have been writen because one hopes that those who do not stop for directions on the road will at least ask for easy paths to travel in the dating wilderness.

Another look at dating tips for man

Considering that no one is Hugh Jackman (except Hugh Jackman of course), most dating tips ask that you look presentable. Basically anything that can help establish a good first impression should be done.

Most dating tips for man say that you should wait 3 days before calling, ignore it. It is not advisable especially if you two hit it off really well. For the woman it’s an infuriating wait and she might choose to move on.

You think Elizabeth Bennet wanted Mr. Darcy because he was all mysterious? Oh no. She wanted what she couldn’t get. It was a challenge. The lesson here is that mystery doesn’t add to what you’re trying to do. Most of the time it’s weird and women don’t like to deal with too many walls. The secondary lesson here is if you’re thinking of playing hard to get, think again, because Mr. Darcy was hard to get only because society forbade interclass unions.

Mean what you say. It’s important that she knows you’re sincere. If you’re planning to lie, at least, practice well. Don’t let her know. And the universal answer to “how do I look?” is “gorgeous” and nothing else. The more you say, the easier it will be to catch you and hang you out to dry. Too little and she’ll figure you don’t like it. Stay smart, and safe/

Do not seem eager to jump into the sack. We understand that’s it’s an important rite of passage and whatnot but she needs to reach a comfort level with you and be able to trust you. Conversely, if she’s the one eager to hop in for a bunny ride, her judgement is impaired by desperation or she’ll turn out to be those cool nonchalant types who don’t care who they sleep with.

So much to learn, so little time!

Seldom used but useful dating tips for man

These dating tips for man should help salvage a lost cause, much like a magician pulls an ace from his sleeve.

Bring flowers for her mother or her roommate. It shows your sensitive side. You would, in the process, win over them over which will smoothen you path with the girl in question.

All dating tips ask you to get your girl a surprise gift. We advise you to get her an inexpensive surprise gift. Please note here that inexpensive doesn’t mean cheap, it just means not diamonds. It’ll surprise her. Bringing her an expensive gift will a) make her think you’re cheating on her and b) set an unwanted precedent.

About dating tips in general

Dating tips should be taken like medicine, a little at a time and as a correctional measure. You wouldn’t have medicine for food would you? That’s exactly how you should read dating tips. It shouldn’t be your mainstay but to boost you in your weak areas.

This nicely ties up dating tips for man which you will in time, learn to appreciate and make industrious use of.


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