Adventurous? Try These Blind Dating Tips

blind dating tips

Blind dating is often compared to diving into shark infested waters without protection or scuba gear which is why these blind dating tips should help you survive. Though not that bad, it’s always better to have some armour when deciding to go on a blind date. What to do, how to behave, where to go are questions that arise when dating. But when blind dating there are quite a few differences and these blind dating tips should help answer quite a few of your questions. It should make getting set up with a stranger fun.

General blind dating tips and some for the adventurous

Be receptive and open minded. Since you haven’t picked yourself, you could get judgemental. Stay away from that and give them a chance. You’d want the same wouldn’t you?

Have a plan. Having something familiar in unfamiliar territory should help things run smoothly. And have a contingency plan in place in case the plan falls through.

When paying, offer to go Dutch if you’re a girl and if you’re a guy, offer to pay. This is one of the most important dating tips to follow to make a good impression.

Since the two of you are strangers, all sensible dating tips tell you to make a run for it if they’re still obsessed with their ex, treats servers and waiters rudely, is impatient, talks ill of other people. Watch for signs of chauvinism, parochialism and disturbing behaviour. Your gut feeling should help.

Take it up a notch and throw a masquerade ball or fancy dress party. Invite all your friends and your blind date. This takes away the pressure of dressing conventionally. It also provides a relaxed social setting. You’ll also see if the person matches your wavelength for out of the box. This is a gem from the repertoire of blind dating tips.

Take the person to help out at your favourite charity whether it’s doling out food to the homeless or talking to the old. Such dating tips are highly volatile because it may not work out if the other person crinkles their nose in disgust and walks away. But look on the bright side; you wouldn’t want to be dating an unkind, insensitive person in the first place.

Don’t make goodbyes awkward.  Tell them you had a nice time (if you did) and that you’d like to do it again sometime (if you’d like to). If not, be frank and tell them that it wasn’t what you’re looking for though they are nice as a person.

The mother of all blind dating tips is –don’t kiss on your first date, even if you’ve found a super connection.

The deal with dating tips

Most people take dating tips too literally. What they don’t understand that these are just a guide into the world of dating. Take dating tips and customize them to suit your personality and style. That’s the only way to benefit from them.

Hats off to your sense of adventure! Hopefully these blind dating tips will result in light at the end of the tunnel for you.


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