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Learn How To Flirt With Guys Over Text

how to flirt with guys over text

When we’re talking connection, we mean a telecom connection added to a romantic one which involves learning how to flirt with a guy over text. If instant messaging over the internet wasn’t enough, there are always cell-phones and to top that, there are Blackberrys. Knowing text flirting etiquette is the need of the hour. Flirt with a guy over text and hone your skills if nothing else. Here are a few things you should know about how to flirt with a guy over text:

How to flirt with guys over text: Protocol

In learning how to flirt with guys over text, you will unravel a whole different world of brief concise flirting because messages can only be typed in so many words. Use this wisely.

  • Brevity is the best part of text messaging. Focus on the message and keep the frills out. Don’t be blatant, allusions are good.
  • Compliment them. Tell them how their joke made your day. Thank them for the wonderful evening. Guys have a weakness called egos. Feed it.
  • Wait for them to reply and take some time before you reply. Don’t fire off ten messages while you’re waiting for them to reply. It’ll seem desperate and it’ll annoy him if he’s in a meeting or otherwise occupied with something. Don’t take too long between receiving the message and replying otherwise the train of thought and fuzzy feeling it drums up will be lost.
  • When you flirt with a guy over text, don’t use bad language or abusive words. Limit chat abbreviations. You don’t want to end up sounding like a total moron.

How to flirt with guys over text and lead them on

You’ve been making your service provider happy with the number of texts you’ve exchanged with the guy. Is this going anywhere? It’s one thing to know how to flirt with guys over text; it’s another to help lead it onto something better. Isn’t that what all the flirting was about anyway?

Show your appreciation for what they’ve done and invite them to one of your favourite places. Going to a place you’re comfortable in not only gives you the upper hand but allows you to concentrate on the date. But don’t rush things.

Flirting with guys over text: draw the line

  • Just because you deigned to give him your number doesn’t mean he can go overboard and vice versa. An essential part of how to flirt with guys over text is knowing when to set aside some ‘me’ time. Don’t rush to reply to his text if you’re in the shower. It only shows you don’t know where to stop and you might even get your phone wet but a little waiting on his part will arouse interest. It’ll show him that he doesn’t have dibs on all your time.
  • Don’t tolerate abusive or bad language. If he’s like this right now, he’ll be worse when you see the ‘real’ deal. L is for ‘love’, ‘lust’ and ‘leave me alone you douche bag’. Texting should help you set boundaries for each of these
  • Whether you want to graduate to sexting is totally your decision. As long as you’re comfortable with it, go ahead. But if you’re trying to get the guys to take you seriously, you should avoid this. This is the key to flirt with a guy over text.

What a pity knowing a skill like this can’t go on your resume. It’s evident here that it’s not just good enough to flirt with guys over text but it’s imperative to know how to flirt with guys over text, the key here being how and now that you know, wear out your mobile keypad!

Dating women – The first and foremost pleasure a man can get!

tips to dating women

Dating women can be said to a type of courtship, which involves two individuals meeting and going out with each other on a host of activities which vary between different countries. While dating women, men meet up with their female partners and go out to enjoy some couple activities such as watching a movie, going out for dinner or a lunch. However, dating has almost become a thing of the past with the introduction of speed dating, online dating, new generation ‘hook-ups’ that is radically killing one of the most classic forms of courting women. Dating is generally considered a pre cursor to sex, engagement and marriage (the irony is impeccable).

Tips to dating women:

Dating Women has always been the basic plot lines of most situation comedies because of the popularity of the subject matter and also because dating women can be one of the most confusing, fun, challenging, difficult and unpredictable activities we do in our lifetime and this leads to there being a wealth of knowledge, advice and tips about how to go about it successfully. Dating women isn’t nearly as complicated as many guys figure it out to be. There are many fantastic strategies and basic tips that should be taken into account before going out for a date;

  1. Flirting: Flirting is always healthy, especially when you’re dating someone as it helps to build a good chemistry between you and your partner. Compliments and appreciation for your partner go a long way in improving your image.
  2. Humor: It comes in handy to have a few good jokes to throw around during a conversation. However, it is important not to make self-deprecatory jokes as it causes you to lower your own prestige.
  3. Confidence: It is also important to maintain a proper body language that gives off a vibe of confidence by standing (or sitting) straight and maintaining eye contact. Sometimes lowering the vocal pitch works as a way to subliminally seduce women.
  4. Avoid odd topics: During conversations its best to avoid topics such as previous relationships, bad break ups and stress at work.
  5. Be neat and clean: It is absolutely imperative to be looking neat, clean and prepared, especially for the first date as it shows that you have given some thought and preparation to the date. While dating women, your female companions will appreciate the effort you put into the first date.
  6. Be courteous and polite: Many women love it when they are treated with respect and dignity. Treat your partner like a queen and she will definitely enjoy your company a lot more.

Following the above tips are easy to follow and are the absolute essentials to be followed to have a successful first date and land a follow up date. Dating women can be fun and enjoyable especially if you meet a compatible partner. So keep dating till you find yourself a compatible partner with whom you enjoy a lot! After all for better or for worse, it is a time tested saying that “Behind every successful man, there is a woman”. Go ahead and feel confident about dating women.

Unconventional Flirting Tips For Girls

flirting tips

Since flirting tips for girls are dime a dozen, it’s not easy to come across ones that genuinely work. Most flirting tips also have the dismal quality of being boring. Add a little zing to your evening with these flirting tips for girls. Most other flirting tips couldn’t hold a candle to these.

Quirky flirting tips for girls:

Don’t blame this list of flirting tips for girls for being unconventional because that’s how we like our guys served up best. These flirting tips could be in a movie and we’d still be amazed at the way they work.

This works only for crowded places. Beckon someone with your finger in an authoritative manner then disappear from where you’re sitting. When he comes looking pop suddenly up and say “there you are”. It’ll give you a two a good laugh.

Deliberately pour your drink on his shoe. Apologize and offer to buy him a new one. Have a cheesy line ready.

When he approaches, before he says anything begin with a joke like, “You know about the gremlin who walked into a bar?” he’ll say no (because no such joke has been invented yet) you say, “I don’t know either” and grin.

Ask the bartender for flaming shots then make fire-engine sounds as you put out the fire and drink them.

Act like you’re comfortable in a guy world. Guys love it when women do something unexpected. If a guy that interests you is walking past you, block his path and dramatically say “You shall not pass.” there’s a slight chance he may think you’re a dork but there are 10 other guys around who’ve fallen for you already.

Learn a video game like Halo or counter Strike and get really good at it. If you get into a debate with a guy you just met, offer to settle it with a game. Winner takes all. Then win!

Flirting tips for girls that drive guys wild:

Ever toed the line between flirting and seduction? Now’s the time to try! This list of flirting tips for girls should help you get started and you can take it from there. If these flirting tips are in the molten lava category and you’re just in the lukewarm stage, don’t try them. But happily they have a high return on investment.

  • Draw his attention to your mouth. Leave smiling out of it. Nibble your lip; eat the olive in your drink ensure your lips are sparkly with gloss.
  • Turn up the heat. Run your finger down your neck when you’re talking to him and make it appear unconscious.
  • Lightly caress an area of visible skin on his hand, especially with your nails. Since women set the boundaries for physical contact during flirting, this should be alright to do.

How to use flirting tips:

Take two a day and call in the morning. No we’re kidding! But it would be sensible of you use these flirting tips only as a guiding light and not the stone path. Most flirting tips, after all, are based on experience so you should use them wherever it’s applicable to you.

Now that you have your guiding light in order in the form of these flirting tips for girls, nothing should stop you from blazing a trail.

How to kiss like a Pro!


Nothing cements a relationship better than a good kiss and knowing how to kiss will take you a long way. A lot of how you are as a person is also conveyed in the way you kiss which is why there’s nothing more than understanding how to kiss and mean it.

The basics of how to kiss

  • Avoid chapped lips. In the age of lip balms there’s no excuse for them.
  • Cure bad breath. You don’t want the other person fainting. It’s a big turn-off.
  • Do not moisten lips just before a kiss. It may seem like a good thing to do but it just makes the kiss turn into a puppy doggy mess.
  • Try not to use balm or lip gloss before a kiss because it makes it sloppy.
  • Telegraph your approach so the other person knows what to expect. You don’t want to end up kissing their nose because they suddenly looked down.
  • Make eye contact first and then look at their lips. Draw their head closer gently with your other hand.
  • It’s always best to close your eyes when you kiss. Apart from the fact that they’re too close by to see anything, it’ll also help you feel the kiss better.

How to kiss like a God/Goddess

  • Be considerate when kissing. They’re lips. Gentleness with a dash of passion can make it awesome.
  • Begin with a peck to set the mood, so to speak, and the follow it up with a kiss.
  • Put only a gentle pressure on the lips. Just enough for the other person to derive pleasure from it.
  • Kiss the lower or upper lip and then slightly move your head away. Alternate between lips. Science tells us that most pleasure is felt in the lower lip.
  • If you’re comfortable a tender nibble will do.
  • Before you involve tongues, probe lightly. If the other person doesn’t open up, don’t insist.

How to kiss like a pig

These are genuine mistakes people make when kissing and should be avoided at all costs. Not knowing how to kiss can kill the mood, no matter how caring or sweet a person you are.

  • Avoid the plunger. Don’t suck half their face into your mouth. Along with it being completely gross, this kiss is evidence that you need to learn how to pucker up.
  • If you smile when they’re coming in for the kiss, chances are they’ll end up kissing your teeth. Awkward!
  • No biting.
  • Don’t use your tongue like a probe when you’re French kissing. Do not hijack their tongue either. They’ll feel odd without it and you wouldn’t know what to do with it.
  • If you’re guiding their head, don’t have a vice like grip because the other person should be able to pull away when needed or come up for air. This is akin to suffocating them.

Kiss and make up

Kissing can also help an apology along very nicely. A petulant mouth can turn into a smile with one of these. Keep it gentle and romantic in an ‘I am sorry’ sort of way. You’ll get the other person smiling in no time.

It’s hard to practice how to kiss using these ‘techniques’ but most of them arise from the emotions you feel for your partner so keep practicing!

How To Flirt With Girls And Rock!

how to flirt with girls

You can fall into either of these two categories; you think you know how to flirt with girls and even fancy yourself a connoisseur of the art or you’re the other kind who think, ‘to flirt with girls is okay but it’s better to get straight to the point’. The latter aren’t wrong but they’re not right either. Flirting is an unavoidable, if not an essential, component of the wooing ritual and knowing how to generate interest in yourself (read how to flirt with girls) is only going to help your dating calendar.

You could flirt with girls you’re comfortable with and know their type before or you could take it up a notch and try for the elusive out-of-leaguer.

How to flirt with girls who are out of your league

How you look is important. We’re not advocating not being yourself, by all means do, but if you’re trying to be unconventional then out of your league you should forget. First get the girl to like you and then you can showcase what a nerd or geek or whatever it is you are.

A pointer here is to flirt with girls who think they know you and have already categorized you in their head then slowly break down that categorization. If she thinks you’re a geek do something drastically un-geeky. She’ll be surprised and she’ll want to know more.

To begin with, have some general topics of conversation ready. This ‘generality’ extends to humour, conversation, allusions and anything you communicate with her. Also stay away from sports (unless she admits she likes a sport too). Knowing general trivia should be fun.

Have an opening line that’ll immediately pique her interest in you. Your behaviour should be friendly yet mysterious in a non creepy sort of way. Leave James Bond out of your opening line.

Most women like nice guys. Be chivalrous but not fawning. She wants a date, not a puppy. Show her the gentleman behind the nerd.

Take charge. It’s not important to know how to flirt with girls and end up in the friend zone; it’s important to know how to flirt with girls and score. You can still be a nice guy and take charge. Women like to be taken care of. Show initiative, be slightly strict (but don’t act like her dad).

If you’re inexperienced, it’s important to begin at the easy level and then progress to harder levels (just like a game). So you should fist learn to flirt with girls who don’t get flirted with often. They’re great practice. They’ll also build up your confidence to try bigger game.

How to flirt with girls who give you the icy glance

You’ve always wanted to flirt with girls who embody ice queen because you love a challenge but you’ve beaten a hasty retreat when you’ve been stonewalled with the cold glance. It’s hard to admit defeat to your pals so no one has ever really told you how to flirt with girls who meet your fiery smile with an icy glare. Icy walled defences are because the woman is feeling vulnerable or the guy who just chatted with her was a jerk. You need to smile at her every couple of glances. Act like you’re having a nice time wherever you’re standing. Make the people around you (preferably friends) laugh, laugh with them. Exude warmth.

Our ultimate aim is also to learn how to flirt with girls, icy or otherwise, without getting her drink tossed all over you.

Flirt with girls: the 2 most important rules in the do-not list

Do not rush into things. If she’s just warming up to you, don’t think you’ve reached some higher level of comfort and try to initiate physical contact. Her palm will make physical contact with your unsuspecting face and stinging will follow. Do not rush and do not rush to touch.

Do not objectify her. She might fog up your glasses with her ‘hotness’ but in no way does she want to be converted to an object. Be respectful.

With this list in your scheme of things, you should be able to answer any questions related to how to flirt with girls who interest you no matter what their external behaviour may be or what league they’re in.