Dating tips that will always work

dating tips

Dating tips are believed to be magic mantras.  It is not always about the good looks, it is more to do with your charm. For those of you who have been trying to find the trick to win hearts and woo that dream girl/dream man of yours, here are a few dating tips that might work wonders.

Dating tips for meeting a stranger

Nowadays, the world is no more constricted by its geographical boundary. You can meet your partner in park, pub or even online. So, internet dating tips have become as desirable as any other dating tips. Online, you have the scope of thinking before presenting. But that doesn’t mean you choose to lie. Once your date sees you and finds out that you have lied about the way you look it might compel him to think that you might lie about a lot of other things.  The other essential dating tips that you must keep in mind are to be always extra careful to make your profile free of grammatical errors. The first glance always creates an impression.

Soon, your online conversation may lead to “Coffee?” A blind date can set butterflies in your stomach but can also kill them in a moment if you don’t follow certain blind dating tips. Always remember to plan beforehand.  You could go to an evening party if your partner likes loud music or choose to go for a silent dinner if he is more of the quiet natures.  Such online dating tips for women apply to men as well.

Dating tips: A game at both ends

Men should remember that women are trained in this game from day one. But, simple dating tips for men can help them win it if properly followed.

  • Learn to take care of yourself. Make sure you look good.
  • Smell good.
  • Read up on current affairs. Strike a conversation.
  • Shy guys should remember to make their shyness their asset. There aren’t too many dating tips for shy guys. Just be what you are.

Dating tips for women would include:

  • Always look good. Stay in shape.
  • Never reveal too much of information about yourself.
  • Don’t be available always. Don’t be near the phone always or be present whenever he is free.

But, remember dating tips cannot guarantee you a successful relationship. Dating tips may work to get you the perfect partner, but remember it is your love that will keep him close to you.