Dating women – The first and foremost pleasure a man can get!

tips to dating women

Dating women can be said to a type of courtship, which involves two individuals meeting and going out with each other on a host of activities which vary between different countries. While dating women, men meet up with their female partners and go out to enjoy some couple activities such as watching a movie, going out for dinner or a lunch. However, dating has almost become a thing of the past with the introduction of speed dating, online dating, new generation ‘hook-ups’ that is radically killing one of the most classic forms of courting women. Dating is generally considered a pre cursor to sex, engagement and marriage (the irony is impeccable).

Tips to dating women:

Dating Women has always been the basic plot lines of most situation comedies because of the popularity of the subject matter and also because dating women can be one of the most confusing, fun, challenging, difficult and unpredictable activities we do in our lifetime and this leads to there being a wealth of knowledge, advice and tips about how to go about it successfully. Dating women isn’t nearly as complicated as many guys figure it out to be. There are many fantastic strategies and basic tips that should be taken into account before going out for a date;

  1. Flirting: Flirting is always healthy, especially when you’re dating someone as it helps to build a good chemistry between you and your partner. Compliments and appreciation for your partner go a long way in improving your image.
  2. Humor: It comes in handy to have a few good jokes to throw around during a conversation. However, it is important not to make self-deprecatory jokes as it causes you to lower your own prestige.
  3. Confidence: It is also important to maintain a proper body language that gives off a vibe of confidence by standing (or sitting) straight and maintaining eye contact. Sometimes lowering the vocal pitch works as a way to subliminally seduce women.
  4. Avoid odd topics: During conversations its best to avoid topics such as previous relationships, bad break ups and stress at work.
  5. Be neat and clean: It is absolutely imperative to be looking neat, clean and prepared, especially for the first date as it shows that you have given some thought and preparation to the date. While dating women, your female companions will appreciate the effort you put into the first date.
  6. Be courteous and polite: Many women love it when they are treated with respect and dignity. Treat your partner like a queen and she will definitely enjoy your company a lot more.

Following the above tips are easy to follow and are the absolute essentials to be followed to have a successful first date and land a follow up date. Dating women can be fun and enjoyable especially if you meet a compatible partner. So keep dating till you find yourself a compatible partner with whom you enjoy a lot! After all for better or for worse, it is a time tested saying that “Behind every successful man, there is a woman”. Go ahead and feel confident about dating women.


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