How Do You French Kiss – A Simple Guide

how do you french kiss

If you are trying to learn how do you French kiss, you have come to the right place! A French kiss is something each teenager wants to learn, and with so many Hollywood kisses burning through your mind, you must be eager to get started. We have just the right tips for you that will not just teach you how do you French kiss but also how to ace it!

Tips on how do you French kiss:

  • Before you learn how do you French kiss, first understand that the setting and the timing are the most essential ingredients of the perfect kiss. You have to try and kiss your partner at the right moment, or it could be abrupt and unwanted no matter how good a kisser you really are.
  • Practice how do you French kiss on your arm before you really do it in person. Though you will not really have the same sensations, you must get a hang of how to use your lips, tongue and teeth in just the right way to build up passion in a kiss.
  • Set the scene. You could try and put in to practice your lessons on how do you French kiss either at the end of a romantic dinner or at the door, when you see off your partner. The timings must be perfected, almost as much as the technique.
  • Now, let’s come down to the technique. Relax and take a deep breath. If you are nervous and anxious, you are going to make mistakes. So be in the moment and put your arms around the person.
  • Look in to his/her eyes, and pause for a few seconds. If the moment is right, you will see the need to kiss in the eyes of your partner as well. With that signal, you are good to go.
  • Start with just a normal kiss, especially if it is the first kiss between you too. Too much tongue action can be bad for the first kiss. Just let your lips meet in a gentle kiss. Preferably, close your eyes.
  • When you feel your partner kissing you back with passion, it is time to put in to action your lessons and practices on how do you French kiss. In the middle of a soft kiss, open your mouth and gently suck on your partner’s lower lip. Don’t be too aggressive – the softer the better.
  • Now gently nudge their mouth open and touch their tongue. Let the actions be gentle and playful, not aggressive. This is also a good time to read your partner’s body language. If you feel the other person pulling away, quickly retract your tongue and end with a quick kiss on the lips. If the body language suggests your partner is enjoying your kiss, add more passion and use your teeth gently to nibble on the lower lip.
  • In learning how do you French kiss, don’t you forget to breathe. You can also change positions and sides as the kiss goes on for longer. But to begin with, don’t kiss for too ling.

To know the perfect way of how do you French kiss, you both will need to put more practice in to it.


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