How to be a Good Kisser without trying too hard

be a good kisser

Kissing can make or break your relationship and so learning how to be a good kisser is important if you are still struggling with that skill. Most of the people base the crucial decision of spending life with someone on the very fact of how good a kisser you are. Kissing also forms a pivotal role in dating. So saving yourself from disgrace and not losing out a very good opportunity learn how to be a good kisser in some simple ways.

Key points on how to become a good kisser

Wait for the moment: do not scare your partner with an uncalled kiss. Make sure your partner is expecting and looking forward to a kiss. To be a good kisser, you must value the right time.

Variety is the spice of life: Bring in variations and different styles. Besides lips, use your hands, tongue or simply hum a tune to make the kiss spicier. To be a good kisser, you must bring out best in given situation.

Quick Tips on How to be a Good Kisser

Be presentable and attractive in physical appearance. That’s the first thing other person notices.

Kissing mean using lips. Make sure your lips are soft and supple. Use lip balm regularly.

To be a good kisser you must keep in mind that you do not pass bad breath. Pop in a mint or if eating out, avoid food items like garlic, onion or alcohol.

To be a good kisser, you must keep your partner at ease. Start kissing slowly.

Use hands while kissing. Don’t just stand dumbfound. If you have equal interest in the person kissing you, then act accordingly with rubbing your hands through your partner’s hair or hands.

Try different kisses. Don’t just use French kiss always. Be creative.

Almost everyone gets bored if they do the same thing repeatedly. Same applies to kisses. To know how to be a good kisser, you must know good kisses too.

Different Kisses To be a Good Kisser

Butterfly kiss: Bring your partner’s face close to yours and flutter your eyelashes rapidly on your partner’s face.

Cheek Kiss: Usually used on first date, its just brushing your lips on your partner’s face.

Earlobe kiss: Seducing through kiss is commonly used. Earlobe kiss is the one to do so. To be a good kisser, gently suck or kiss on earlobe of your partner.

Melt kiss: time to get naughty and creative with kisses when you are learning how to be a good kisser. Simply take an ice cube in your mouth and while kissing your partner, pass the ice cube with your tongue.

Nip Kiss: nibble a bit on your partner’s lips while kissing. Just remember not to bite the lip.

A great romantic kiss is beyond just lips. While men like to be kissed on their ears, women prefer it on their neck. The mantra to be a good kisser is to kiss everywhere. Eyes, node, earlobe, neck or you sometime you can even start by kissing a toe! Build up the kiss because eventually your partner will helplessly want you on their lips.

Kiss Right, Kiss Well

1 Your efforts on how to be a good kisser depends on your hygiene. Keep yourself clean to be kissable. To be a good kisser, you must look inviting so your date can’t resist kissing you. For girls, chapped lips are a no no. And guys leave the body odour at home.

2 start slowly. Closed mouth and gentle kiss on the lips is the right technique of a good kisser. Give moments in between to your partner to breathe and take in the pleasure of kissing.

3 Keep the kiss simple and short. Do not show off your kissing skills. It will not make you a good kisser but Casanova. Read your partner’s mind and then improvise. This technique will help you on how to be a good kisser in the long run.

It does not take much time to give a miss to a kiss. But to make sure that it does not happen to you, remember not to drool over women while kissing. Wet kisses are the worst! And if even after going through this guide you are unable to learn how to be a good kisser, and then just try kissing at the back of your hand.


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