How To Flirt With Girls And Rock!

how to flirt with girls

You can fall into either of these two categories; you think you know how to flirt with girls and even fancy yourself a connoisseur of the art or you’re the other kind who think, ‘to flirt with girls is okay but it’s better to get straight to the point’. The latter aren’t wrong but they’re not right either. Flirting is an unavoidable, if not an essential, component of the wooing ritual and knowing how to generate interest in yourself (read how to flirt with girls) is only going to help your dating calendar.

You could flirt with girls you’re comfortable with and know their type before or you could take it up a notch and try for the elusive out-of-leaguer.

How to flirt with girls who are out of your league

How you look is important. We’re not advocating not being yourself, by all means do, but if you’re trying to be unconventional then out of your league you should forget. First get the girl to like you and then you can showcase what a nerd or geek or whatever it is you are.

A pointer here is to flirt with girls who think they know you and have already categorized you in their head then slowly break down that categorization. If she thinks you’re a geek do something drastically un-geeky. She’ll be surprised and she’ll want to know more.

To begin with, have some general topics of conversation ready. This ‘generality’ extends to humour, conversation, allusions and anything you communicate with her. Also stay away from sports (unless she admits she likes a sport too). Knowing general trivia should be fun.

Have an opening line that’ll immediately pique her interest in you. Your behaviour should be friendly yet mysterious in a non creepy sort of way. Leave James Bond out of your opening line.

Most women like nice guys. Be chivalrous but not fawning. She wants a date, not a puppy. Show her the gentleman behind the nerd.

Take charge. It’s not important to know how to flirt with girls and end up in the friend zone; it’s important to know how to flirt with girls and score. You can still be a nice guy and take charge. Women like to be taken care of. Show initiative, be slightly strict (but don’t act like her dad).

If you’re inexperienced, it’s important to begin at the easy level and then progress to harder levels (just like a game). So you should fist learn to flirt with girls who don’t get flirted with often. They’re great practice. They’ll also build up your confidence to try bigger game.

How to flirt with girls who give you the icy glance

You’ve always wanted to flirt with girls who embody ice queen because you love a challenge but you’ve beaten a hasty retreat when you’ve been stonewalled with the cold glance. It’s hard to admit defeat to your pals so no one has ever really told you how to flirt with girls who meet your fiery smile with an icy glare. Icy walled defences are because the woman is feeling vulnerable or the guy who just chatted with her was a jerk. You need to smile at her every couple of glances. Act like you’re having a nice time wherever you’re standing. Make the people around you (preferably friends) laugh, laugh with them. Exude warmth.

Our ultimate aim is also to learn how to flirt with girls, icy or otherwise, without getting her drink tossed all over you.

Flirt with girls: the 2 most important rules in the do-not list

Do not rush into things. If she’s just warming up to you, don’t think you’ve reached some higher level of comfort and try to initiate physical contact. Her palm will make physical contact with your unsuspecting face and stinging will follow. Do not rush and do not rush to touch.

Do not objectify her. She might fog up your glasses with her ‘hotness’ but in no way does she want to be converted to an object. Be respectful.

With this list in your scheme of things, you should be able to answer any questions related to how to flirt with girls who interest you no matter what their external behaviour may be or what league they’re in.


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