How To Get Women To Ask You Out Instead


Second guessing yourself or doubting your abilities, is not how to get women to come at you in hoards. Have you always wondered how popular men get women in swarms and droves? It is hardly a secret. They’re not more confident or better looking than you, nor do they have better jobs. They just know what to do right and what to avoid doing. You can bump into a woman anywhere and get her to instantly like you. You have about 10 seconds to sell yourself, so make the best pitch ever! Here’s how.

How to get women to seek you out

It’s all about making a good first impression.

  • Be well dressed or at least well groomed. Since you could meet a woman you’d like to date anywhere, smell good, civilize facial hair and have your smile ready. For a change, get women to ask you out instead.
  • Have a couple of jokes ready if you’re not naturally witty. Get women to laugh and instantly get their guard down.
  • Be relaxed. It portrays confidence. Even if you are the shy type, you can secretly panic but let her see calm you.  This doesn’t mean you act nonchalant because that signifies arrogance or insolence.
  • How to get women to warm up to you, is all in the allusions. Drop subtle hints of how successful you are or something you’ve accomplished. If you’re not that successful, talk about charity work that you do. If you can’t credibly do either, figure something out soon.
  • Look like you’re having fun. There’s a natural urge for people to join someone else having fun. Get women to approach you then include them in the fun you’re having.

How to get women to know the real you (or think they are)

This instantly peaks interest and makes her at least think along the lines of dating you.

  • Most women pride themselves on thinking that they know a man and they can tell what they’re thinking. Most of the time they’re not far from the truth but to get women to know the real you requires a few pointers.
  • Be a good listener. Half of knowing how to get women to think they know you is to listen to the clue they’re giving as they talk.
  • When they make a complimentary comment about you or your personality say, “That is so true.” It makes her think that she has an insight into the kind of man you are. It’s also how to get women to stop talking about themselves and talk about you instead.
  • Women love to change men. Talk about a few vices you have and hint that you’d like to change but haven’t been motivated enough to try. Get women to sustain interest.
  • Tell her a secret. A small, harmless secret to make her feel she’s in on something. This will get women to trust you quicker.

Hopefully these tips will have women falling over themselves to get at you. These tried and tested methods of how to get women to ask you could make you a pro in the dating world.


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