How to kiss like a Pro!


Nothing cements a relationship better than a good kiss and knowing how to kiss will take you a long way. A lot of how you are as a person is also conveyed in the way you kiss which is why there’s nothing more than understanding how to kiss and mean it.

The basics of how to kiss

  • Avoid chapped lips. In the age of lip balms there’s no excuse for them.
  • Cure bad breath. You don’t want the other person fainting. It’s a big turn-off.
  • Do not moisten lips just before a kiss. It may seem like a good thing to do but it just makes the kiss turn into a puppy doggy mess.
  • Try not to use balm or lip gloss before a kiss because it makes it sloppy.
  • Telegraph your approach so the other person knows what to expect. You don’t want to end up kissing their nose because they suddenly looked down.
  • Make eye contact first and then look at their lips. Draw their head closer gently with your other hand.
  • It’s always best to close your eyes when you kiss. Apart from the fact that they’re too close by to see anything, it’ll also help you feel the kiss better.

How to kiss like a God/Goddess

  • Be considerate when kissing. They’re lips. Gentleness with a dash of passion can make it awesome.
  • Begin with a peck to set the mood, so to speak, and the follow it up with a kiss.
  • Put only a gentle pressure on the lips. Just enough for the other person to derive pleasure from it.
  • Kiss the lower or upper lip and then slightly move your head away. Alternate between lips. Science tells us that most pleasure is felt in the lower lip.
  • If you’re comfortable a tender nibble will do.
  • Before you involve tongues, probe lightly. If the other person doesn’t open up, don’t insist.

How to kiss like a pig

These are genuine mistakes people make when kissing and should be avoided at all costs. Not knowing how to kiss can kill the mood, no matter how caring or sweet a person you are.

  • Avoid the plunger. Don’t suck half their face into your mouth. Along with it being completely gross, this kiss is evidence that you need to learn how to pucker up.
  • If you smile when they’re coming in for the kiss, chances are they’ll end up kissing your teeth. Awkward!
  • No biting.
  • Don’t use your tongue like a probe when you’re French kissing. Do not hijack their tongue either. They’ll feel odd without it and you wouldn’t know what to do with it.
  • If you’re guiding their head, don’t have a vice like grip because the other person should be able to pull away when needed or come up for air. This is akin to suffocating them.

Kiss and make up

Kissing can also help an apology along very nicely. A petulant mouth can turn into a smile with one of these. Keep it gentle and romantic in an ‘I am sorry’ sort of way. You’ll get the other person smiling in no time.

It’s hard to practice how to kiss using these ‘techniques’ but most of them arise from the emotions you feel for your partner so keep practicing!


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