How to kiss well and send the right signals


You may have wondered once in a while how to kiss well. What are the techniques involved to make your lover have a knee jerk? Kissing is definitely not a big task. Everyone knows how to kiss and you get better with practice. Kissing is an action that comes through the emotion of love. So, how wrong can it really get? Well, it can if you don’t take care. Kissing is fine but to kiss well is the task that one needs to learn. To kiss well means to make a pleasurable experience for both the partner.

Basic tips on how to kiss well:

  • The first thing that you should remember before you learn how to kiss well is hygiene. You would clearly remember to chew a gum before your first kiss, but when you are in a long term relationship you take things for granted. You usually choose to forget about the fresh that is an absolute necessity for you to kiss well. So, take care of your breath. Body odor, facial hair may also act as distractions. Use a good perfume, which in return acts as a turn on too. For guys it is even more important to get a clean shave and use a nice after shave for a better feel. Learning how to keep yourself clean is the first step to learn how to kiss well.
  • Don’t open your mouth too much. This is especially important during your first kiss. You would not want to come across as a desperate person. Keep it slow so that while the memory lingers in your mind, the taste of the kiss is fondly remembered.
  • Don’t force your partner. If your partner is not really opening his/her mouth it might be a sign that he/she does not like it much. It might also be because of shyness. But you as the lover have to understand that. Don’t force yourself into doing anything that your partner won’t like. If you get an indication of your partner moving away, stop your act immediately.
  • It is almost impossible to learn how to kiss well without using your hands. Caressing their hair, holding their hand or even a hug is absolute essential when you kiss. Depending on the status of your relationship you choose to keep your hands.

Advanced tips on how to kiss well:

  • Learn to hold your breath to kiss well. This may not work easy for beginners but you can learn it. Short kisses require your breath to be controlled while long kisses demand you to breathe once in a while.
  • Every move of your tongue is like a rhythm. People who can kiss well know how to roll their tongue and sometimes nibble the other person’s. Passionate and light moments should be combined.


Mistakes to avoid on how to kiss well:

  • Don’t keep your face straight. You have to slightly bend your face in an angle to steal a kiss. Keeping your face will cause your noses to bump against each other. Definitely not a beginning to kiss well.
  • No tongue is worst. A kiss without tongue is almost like kissing your brother/sister! A passionate kiss requires your tongue without too much mess.

Kiss well to get a successful relationship:

A kiss can change a lot of things. It has the potential to turn a fight into romance. Kisses tend to bond a relationship. Being one of the most intimate moments of a couple’s life it has the power to alter things. In fact, a sexual relationship lies secondary to kissing. If you wish for a long term relationship you cannot take kissing as granted. Remember, a good kiss is the key to a good relationship.

And that is how you do it! To know how to kiss well is an added bonus for a successful, long time relationship.



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