Tips On How To Kiss A Guy

how to kiss a guy

Wondering how to kiss a guy and make him swoon? A kiss is a kiss. I beg to differ with all those people who say there are umpteen ways of how to kiss a guy. It’s just a feeling that you get through your lips and your brain decodes the emotion that you feel at that moment. So girls brace yourself for the truth. Its not all testosterone when it comes to kissing men, they have emotions too and it is up to you to get estrogens out of them. Sounds weird, but men like to be kissed too.

Men are not talented. They simply learn their way out of kissing. But girls! They are smart and they are talented. So all that’s required for making your man weak in the knees, is innovative moves mixed with spice. Just don’t restrain yourself with your lips kissing his, when you kiss a guy use your limbs to evoke that feeling of love onto him.

Right before you kiss a guy, blood rushing through your veins makes your heart pound. It is surely a scary moment but comes with some bit of excitement too. Do remember it does not matter how you kiss a guy but just don’t let fear overtake emotions otherwise you will spoil the kiss. If you know how to kiss a guy and how to kiss well, you are sure out there to make someone’s night rock! (Though of course it would require more than kissing 😉

Get closer to know how to kiss a guy

Most of the girls do not know how to kiss a guy and that’s where you can be different. And mind you we are not talking about French kiss or butterfly kiss but just kissing a guy passionately. Give him a memorable kiss so that the guy can make out it is you even if he is blindfolded. Few steps necessary to keep in mind while kissing a guy are:

  1. Look pretty but don’t go as a makeup shop. Guys love to check out hot chicks but kiss a pretty woman. Dress sexy, show off the figure and wear a smile.
  2. If you are out on a date and you expect the guy to give you a goodnight kiss, then avoid food with strong aftertaste. Not to mention garlic, onion or alcohol.
  3. Did I say girls are smart! Time to show off that talent. If you want some lip –locking then give away some clear signs so the guy knows you are interest in kissing the guy. Smile a lot and do hand gestures like twirling your hair strand or maintain an eye contact. Trust me if you give sings a guy won’t take a second to resist you.
  4. Guys love to kiss with or without a reason. But if you sense that your date is little shy to initiate, then you bring the comfort level. Touch his hand or give a peck on his cheek. If he is still interested he will definitely make a move.

Twenty20 on how to kiss a guy

  1. Make sure your lips are soft and kissable. So always carry a good lipgloss or lipbalm.
  2. Don’t wear too much make up. Believe me men don’t like to taste a girls’ makeup
  3. Keep your breath fresh. If you have time , pop in a mint on time
  4.  Don’t rush into things. Kiss the guy slowly and then gradually go on to give him a passionate kiss.
  5. Lick his lips first and then tongue. But remember not to bite his lips.
  6. As we mentioned, exercise those limbs. While kissing, start rolling your fingers in his hair.

Appropriate way to kiss a guy

Many girls like to begin with foreplay. Even for a kiss! Some have a strategy on how to kiss a guy and some just go with the flow. Whatever your style maybe, a kiss should be easy and comfortable to do.

  1. Start slowly – start with a soft and smooth kiss. Gently lick the lips and smoothly kiss. If you want to go a little step further, kiss a guy’s ear lobe to turn him on.
  2. Slightly open your lips and breathe out from your mouth. Let him make his next move.
  3. Time to use your hands lady! Gently rub his hair or put your hands on his face. If you think that the kiss will get intense, hold his back or his arms. But just don’t stand there.
  4. Hmm… So you are still kissing the guy. Time to go a step further. Try and open your mouth slightly and play with his tongue. Don’t probe madly but remember touch his tongue with yours, gently.

Whether you kiss one guy or you kiss a lot. What makes it effective is practise and passion. So don’t lose on either and just work on your kissing techniques for best results. So, now you know how to kiss a guy and make him go crazy about you.


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