Unconventional Flirting Tips For Girls

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Since flirting tips for girls are dime a dozen, it’s not easy to come across ones that genuinely work. Most flirting tips also have the dismal quality of being boring. Add a little zing to your evening with these flirting tips for girls. Most other flirting tips couldn’t hold a candle to these.

Quirky flirting tips for girls:

Don’t blame this list of flirting tips for girls for being unconventional because that’s how we like our guys served up best. These flirting tips could be in a movie and we’d still be amazed at the way they work.

This works only for crowded places. Beckon someone with your finger in an authoritative manner then disappear from where you’re sitting. When he comes looking pop suddenly up and say “there you are”. It’ll give you a two a good laugh.

Deliberately pour your drink on his shoe. Apologize and offer to buy him a new one. Have a cheesy line ready.

When he approaches, before he says anything begin with a joke like, “You know about the gremlin who walked into a bar?” he’ll say no (because no such joke has been invented yet) you say, “I don’t know either” and grin.

Ask the bartender for flaming shots then make fire-engine sounds as you put out the fire and drink them.

Act like you’re comfortable in a guy world. Guys love it when women do something unexpected. If a guy that interests you is walking past you, block his path and dramatically say “You shall not pass.” there’s a slight chance he may think you’re a dork but there are 10 other guys around who’ve fallen for you already.

Learn a video game like Halo or counter Strike and get really good at it. If you get into a debate with a guy you just met, offer to settle it with a game. Winner takes all. Then win!

Flirting tips for girls that drive guys wild:

Ever toed the line between flirting and seduction? Now’s the time to try! This list of flirting tips for girls should help you get started and you can take it from there. If these flirting tips are in the molten lava category and you’re just in the lukewarm stage, don’t try them. But happily they have a high return on investment.

  • Draw his attention to your mouth. Leave smiling out of it. Nibble your lip; eat the olive in your drink ensure your lips are sparkly with gloss.
  • Turn up the heat. Run your finger down your neck when you’re talking to him and make it appear unconscious.
  • Lightly caress an area of visible skin on his hand, especially with your nails. Since women set the boundaries for physical contact during flirting, this should be alright to do.

How to use flirting tips:

Take two a day and call in the morning. No we’re kidding! But it would be sensible of you use these flirting tips only as a guiding light and not the stone path. Most flirting tips, after all, are based on experience so you should use them wherever it’s applicable to you.

Now that you have your guiding light in order in the form of these flirting tips for girls, nothing should stop you from blazing a trail.


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