Useful Tips On How To Pick Up Girls


The pressure of getting succeeded often leads to unwanted things and that’s the first thing to learn about how to pick up girls. Your self- confidence is the first thing that attracts women and help you pick up girls.

5 Rules on How Pick Up Girls

  1. Don’t restrict yourself to pick up girls in bars and parties. Girls are out on the street, gym and your grocery store.

  2. Pick up lines don’t work when you want to know how to pick up girls. Use small talks. Avoid personal questions but generally ask about a place or a new restaurant.

  3. Stop fidgeting. Whether you succeed in seducing a girl or not, doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are trying. Don’t fret over the outcome. It will only lead to a poor performance.

  4. Talk to her. Tell her about your skills, talents and what you do. Impressing a girl will help you to pick up girls.

  5. Personal hygiene is important to pick up girls. Look presentable so you look desirable.

When you are picking up girls, you are choosing them. Talk to them, flirt, or ask questions. If you are talking to a girl then she definitely knows that you are trying to pick up her. But let her think that. Unless you are satisfied and totally sure, don’t take anyone home.  And if you really want to know how to pick up girls, then you must know what works for after the party hours.

2. Pick up girls in 3 Easy Ways

  1. If you are having a great time with a girl at a bar or party then don’t hesitate in asking for her number. Make an excuse for leaving early but tell her that you had a nice time and would like to meet again.
  2. So now that you have her number, text her as you leave the venue. Tell her that it was great meeting her. How to pick up girls depends on how you react during and after meeting a girl.
  3. If you are afraid that you are flirting with many girls and might forget their names, then select a standard nickname for all of them. So next time you call a girl whom you met last night or the one you last week, you would not have to struggle with remembering her name. Use this tactic to pick up girls.

1. 2 Handy tips on How to Pick Up Girls

  1. Enjoy – have fun with the girl. Whether she ends up going to our place or not, make sure to have a nice time with your date. If you keep worrying about the outcome, you will do wrong things and end up messing things. When you are out to pick up girls, don’t think of this as a battle but time to relax. If you relax then only you can entertain the girl in front of you.
  2. Careful Complimenting – we all know that women like to be complimented. So compliment them but carefully. You don’t want to turn things ugly. So go safe compliments like you have a nice voice, or you are good at talking. Don’t comment on figure or features since they can take a different route.

Flirting and picking up girls is a fun task so make it a pleasurable experience. So now that you know how to pick up girls, share the same with other male friends too.


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